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Multi Academy Trust


Our aims are best described through our vision: “We believe every child is entitled to a broad and balanced education which enables them to fulfil their potential; at Canterbury Cross Education Trust, we do this through SHARE- Safety, Health and Happiness, Achieve and Enjoy, Respect and Equality. We believe in promoting our pupils’ safety and health, confidence and achievement alongside respect and equality for others. To be good citizens; we will help them to develop skills they need to take their place in society”.

Our ethos is our key driver across all areas of school life; we have not, and will not compromise on educational achievement and our SHARE principles for our pupils. The majority of our children at Canterbury Cross Education Trust are either disadvantaged or growing up in neighbourhoods with high levels of deprivation but we do not accept this should limit our children’s aspirations or choices. We will continue to strive for excellence; and ensure that our children experience the breadth and mastery of an exciting curriculum which gives them high quality outcomes in readiness for the next stage of their schooling.

Our trustees are committed individuals who bring in a breadth of expertise across a number of disciplines, they hold school leaders’ to account and lead on the trust SHARE principles.

Khalid Din

Head Teacher CEO

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